How to Find a Trustworthy Contractor in Montreal

Contractor in Montreal

Finding a good contractor in Montreal

can be a real pain. Everyone’s heard the horror stories from friends and neighbors – jobs that were finished months late, jobs that were finished at twice the estimate, or worse yet, jobs that never got finished at all! It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a general contractor, a remodeling contractor, a roofing contractor, a plumber or even a landscaping contractor – these trustworthy contractors are worth their weight in gold. 

I almost made it onto one of those ‘home renovation nightmare’ shows with the first contractor I hired. I had just moved into the neighborhood, and I didn’t know anyone who could recommend a quality contractor to me. I thought I was pretty careful, shopping around and comparing estimates, but I have to admit my choice was heavily influenced by my checkbook – I had a big project, and it was going to be expensive no matter who I went to. 

The contractor I finally hired had a good portfolio of work, and I thought I made a good choice – but 6 months later, there was no end in site for my renovation. I was complaining on the phone one night with a good friend from Gatineau (where I used to live), and he suggested I try a website called ServiceMagic. All I had to do was visit their website, fill out a simple 3 step form about my project, and they connected me (for FREE!) with 4 pre-screened contractors in my area who could finish my job on time and on budget (if they ask you for your ZIP code, don’t worry, just enter your postal code and it will work fine).